Are you restoring or building a house? Planning an extension? You’ve discussed colour schemes, finishes, soft furnishings and flooring. Every intricate detail has been planned to perfection. Or has it?


This will be the backbone of the whole system, invisibly connecting and future proofing your home. Left to right, top to bottom, you will have a reliable point of access for all the technology that resides in the modern home. Laptops, PCs, smart phones and tablets, televisions, music servers etc all connected as one. The age of the structured network and whole house media sharing is upon us. Sublime AV will make every room a playroom; or just one. The choices are endless and entirely yours.


Home entertainment requirements have evolved. In recent years advances in technology have paved the way for whole house media systems, as vital to a modern home as the traditional services of electric, water and heating.


At Sublime AV we pride ourselves on designing home entertainment systems entirely tailored to your individual requirements and of course within your agreed budget. Beginning with an initial consultation at the property, we will begin to design and plan the home entertainment system of your dreams to be enjoyed by the whole family, friends and guests alike.


  • Aerial and Satellite Dish installations and repairs. This option has become far more prevalent in recent years. It is now commonplace to have a TV in all bedrooms as an example. But what to watch? In a basic setup we will ensure a solid aerial signal, distributed via an industry standard amplifier. If Freeview is your only requirement we will tune in each set and away you go.
  • Video Matrix Installations. This is a far more comprehensive option and will of course require a more significant financial investment on your part. Such matrices come in various guises, but commonly used models are 4X4 or 8X8. In simple terms, the former will allow for 4 discrete inputs (E.G Sky, Apple TV, IPTV streamer, CCTV), distributed via fully screened cat6e cable to 4 televisions. Each of the 4 rooms will have access to each of the inputs, with full control from a single device. The latter 8X8 is simply a scaled-up version of the same thing, 8 inputs to 8 televisions and so on.

CCTV. We will thoroughly survey your property perimeter to ensure all blind spots and points of access are covered with industry standard cameras. View your home in real time from anywhere in the world, secure in the knowledge that if the worst happens and you are the victim of a crime within your property, every detail will be recorded to assist the authorities to track down the culprits.

HOME CINEMA. Be it a large screen television or a motorised screen and projector, or indeed a combination of both, we will design a system which will blend in beautifully to your home environment. Stunning visual cinema with surround sound to match installed to be as discreet, or otherwise, as you require. Traditional 5.1 is still commonplace, but if you’re fortunate enough to have a sufficiently large enough room Atmos cinemas are the next generation of outstanding audio reproduction. Speakers can be placed at the front, rear, and side of the seating position as well as above you in the ceiling. Other combinations are available, and we will walk you through all available options as suitable to the room in question. Either way prepare to have your mind blown.  One single button or voice command will bring your cinema experience to life. We make sure it is simple for all the family to use, irrespective of technical knowhow.

MULTI-ROOM MUSIC DISTRIBUTION. All your albums, tracks, playlists and favourite radio stations plus all that the internet has to offer in terms of streaming services. Simple wireless touch screen access to all of this and more in as many rooms as you require. CD storage cupboards will no longer be necessary. All your chosen music will simply be there when you want it, wherever you want it.

FLATSCREEN TV MOUNTING. Done properly, a modern wall mounted TV can be a thing of beauty. We take great pride not just in the end result, but how best to achieve it. Our installers have vast experience of mounting every available TV size onto every conceivable wall type. Check out our gallery for some pictorial evidence of our work and read on for some available options.

  • The Basics and Our Guarantee of Excellence. We hold our installers to very high standards, and the following promises are a part of their job description. Before any work commences, we will thoroughly prepare the area. All furniture in the vicinity of the installation will be either moved or covered, protecting it from dust damage or otherwise. All tools will be placed on thick blankets to ensure equal protection from scratches or similar to your flooring. Industrial grade sheets will be placed beneath the work area for the same reasons. Post install the area will be thoroughly cleaned and hoovered. In short, we will treat your home as we would our own.
  • Solid Wall Installations. In general, a solid brick, concrete or breeze block wall is the ideal when mounting a TV. Clearly the load bearing ability of such materials allow for any size of TV to be securely held with no structural concerns. Be it a flat to wall scenario, or a full motion bracket common in corner setups (or open plan areas where the viewing area is changeable), rest assured your TV will remain safely affixed until such time as you wish to move or upgrade it. We will also only use the best materials available, from the bracket itself to the fixings holding it on the wall.

Cables will of course be out of sight and buried in the wall. All chases where necessary will be filled once the cables are in and will be done with great precision to ensure minimal disruption and dust, using the most appropriate tools to achieve this end. Behind the TV, all cables and terminations will be labelled and organised. Not only is this an aesthetic consideration, it also ensures more practical ongoing maintenance when required.

  • Stud Wall Installations. There are significant differences in terms or requirements when mounting a TV onto what is essentially a hollow wall. Plaster board clearly lacks the load bearing capabilities of a solid substrate. There are various ways to overcome this issue, subject to the installation requirements. If a flat to wall bracket is to be used it is a simple enough task (if you have the required knowledge, which of course we do). Such brackets allow for several fixings, allowing the TV weight to be evenly distributed. In almost all circumstances there will be at least one of the timber studs available, which offers much the same structural integrity as it’s brick counterpart.

If however we are mounting your TV using a full motion bracket, the footprint of said bracket on the wall is considerably smaller. Where possible (subject to the required TV position), we will affix it to one of the timber studs. If not, we will open up a section of wall and install additional timber bracing to give us the required load bearing capability. Naturally we will put the wall back together and make good before mounting the TV.

Suffice to say the cables will be neatly installed in the wall, and as we are dealing with a hollow space chasing will not be required.

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