Multi-Room TV Distribution. This option has become far more prevalent in recent years. It is now commonplace to have a TV in all bedrooms as an example. But what to watch? In a basic setup we will ensure a solid aerial signal, distributed via an industry standard amplifier. If Freeview is your only requirement we will tune in each set and away you go.

  • Video Matrix Installations. This is a far more comprehensive option and will of course require a more significant financial investment on your part. Such matrices come in various guises, but commonly used models are 4X4 or 8X8. In simple terms, the former will allow for 4 discrete inputs (E.G Sky, Apple TV, IPTV streamer, CCTV), distributed via fully screened cat6e cable to 4 televisions. Each of the 4 rooms will have access to each of the inputs, with full control from a single device. The latter 8X8 is simply a scaled-up version of the same thing, 8 inputs to 8 televisions and so on.
Multi-Room TV Distribution