Sublime AV, as an organisation, is relatively new, having traded since June 2018. Rest assured however our collective industry experience spans well over 30 years. We are an amalgamation of two well established companies, with a long history of collaborating on AV projects in Kent, Surrey and many areas in and around London. Our clients have also sent us to various exotic locations, from holiday homes in the Spanish sunshine, to the chalets in the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps. This is a measure of how highly our clients regard our expertise and professionalism.

We are a partnership business, owned by both Myles Beaumont and Chris Connick. Myles’ experience spans 15 years where the internet has transformed a now unrecognisable industry. Born with an inner passion for such tech from an early age, the endless learning curve of ever-changing technology has been a welcome challenge. Basic, single room setups with a pair of speakers, a CD player/turntable (cassette players for those of us old enough to remember those…), and a TV taking up half the room, have been replaced. And how! ‘The internet of things’, and multi-room, seamless integration of all your media now reigns supreme.

Chris’ background breaks the 20 year barrier. His primary business was built in the area of aerials and satellite dishes, and the distribution of various TV signal types throughout properties. His clients have included celebrities (sorry no name dropping allowed), blue chip organisations, commercial venues, bars, gyms, housing associations, residential care homes and of course the general public. He has spent the past 10 years expanding His skill set to include all things AV, networking, CCTV and the like.

We consider ourselves a formidable team, and have both built our respective businesses by forging fantastic, long term relationships with our clients. We give them absolutely no reason to go elsewhere and rely on their recommendations and repeat business for our success. We do this by a combination of client respect, courtesy, professionalism, and high levels of knowledge and expertise. We would very much like to add you to our client list, and guarantee you too will be very glad you hired us.

Multi-Room Music

Multi Room music systems

And not all such systems are created equal. Whether it be Sonos, Heos or any of numerous such products now available, a properly planned installation is the key. We guarantee no mysteriously dropping zones, delay between rooms or any of the issues common with such systems.

Multi-Room TV Distribution

Multi-Room TV Distribution

From basic Freeview/aerial distribution, to multi-room – multi-source (Sky, Virgin, Apple TV, Roku, media streamers, CCTV etc) via video matrices. Centralised, intuitive systems using industry standard hardware offering absolute reliability.

Home Cinema

Home Cinemas

Still the cherry on the cake of any AV installation. We guarantee the WOW factor, irrespective of room size or budget. Large flatscreen televisions, projectors & either motorised or fixed screens, or a combination of both. Conventional 5.1 surround sound or, if the room allows for it, 7.2.4 Atmos (other combinations also available of course). We will never over-sell product. We will design each cinema to be bespoke and sufficient for the room it is to be installed in. From romcoms, to action movies to (let’s be honest), the occasional Paw Patrol episode, prepare to have your minds blown.

Cabling Schematics

Whole house Wi-Fi

Obviously we can only work with whatever ISP services/speeds are available in your property. But we can guarantee to squeeze out every single ounce of bandwidth, and every gigabit of your available speed. All of the above (not to mention emailing, online shopping, media streaming, travel arrangements and so on…..), is only as reliable as the backbone of all things, the internet connection. System (and family) harmony is dependent on a solid, house-wide, network infrastructure. We use only the best products available to ensure you have this.

Aerial & satellite systems

Aerial & satellite systems

Sky gave up on installing high level dishes years ago (unless of course they can drill into the front of your lovely rendered wall to secure their ladders). We are experts in the installations of various dish types, and of course aerials, and will always aim for the most discrete installation possible.

Intuitive Control

Universal controllers, smart phones, tablets and the like. We remove the complexity of the layers of technology, and give you simple, family friendly, one touch control. Visiting grandparents, babysitters etc will have no trouble turning on the TV…

Client Training

Despite the above, we don’t leave until you have mastery over whatever it is we have installed for you.